Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Programmatically sending Lotus Notes UI Memo thorugh back-end code

I have faced a small problem while trying to send a mail thru back-end which is currently opened in the workspace. I have to sent the mail and have to close the ui window as if it were sending thru clicking the normal 'Send' button. The problem is when I am using uidoc.close(), the client will give the send dialog at the front end, which is very awkward.

I used the following workaround for avoiding this problem and silently closing the memo after sending it thru back-end.

Call uidoc.Send()
'during closing to avoid asking for confirmation
'do a backend save and close it.
Set doc = uiMemodoc.Document 'get the back-end handle
Call doc.Save(True,False) 'save it
Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("SaveOptions",0)
Call uiMemodoc.Close() 'now it wil close without any dialog box

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