Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Format Recognizing in documentum for DFS

Recently I got stumbled over the way in which I can get the documentum format for my files and the vice verse. For DFC, there is a function called getFormatRecognizer(), since I am using DFS for the operation I was searching the corresponding for DFS.

The below link was a great help in getting some idea :

For getting a documentum format for dos extension like (doc, ppt, docx, ppptx..) using this query :
Select name from dm_format where dos_extension = 'dosExtension';
This will give only the format name like crtext, msw8...

For getting the description of a documentum format, you can do a query like this

SELECT r_object_id as rid, object_name, a_content_type from dm_sysobject WHERE CABINET('/Templates') and r_object_type ='objectType' and r_object_type <> 'dm_folder' and ( a_content_type = 'documentumFormatName')

For doing a reverse mapping of documentum format to dos extension
Select dos_extension from dm_format where name = 'documentumFormatName';

DFS can do a search query using this query to get the values.

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