Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Photo Reading

Recently I had a chance to read the book PhotoReading by Paul R Scheele , also we had a nice discussion on our weekly team meeting in company. This books talks about some speed method for reading a book as quickly as possible. According to me this method is very good for executives who want to have a quick overview about a subject/topic. It is not advisable for students or others who want to have a thorough knowledge on the subject.

It introduces the following concept on reading a book.
  1. Prepare : - keep in mind what would be the desired output of reading
  2. Preview :- Get a sense of Structure
  3. PhotoRead: - Using our eyes, have a peripheral vision over the book.
  4. Activate: - Exploring parts most attaracted.
  5. Rapid Read:- moving quickly through the text page by page starting from beginning to end
Surely I know this will help people who no reading habit or got stumbled on the middle way; to have an effective way for reading a book.
It is a book worth while to read.

Following are some of the links which will help for a quick start :

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