Monday, May 4, 2009

The McKinsey Way

Recently I had a chance to read through this book. The book is a very nice one which you read through like reading a story. But if you are reading this book, take some time , read one chapetr and think about how you can implement this in your current way of doing work. I always be admired by the way how big organizations are growing from bigger to bigger and how they are maintaining their standard and quality of work. This book give you an insight on what is the essential glue that is binding the organization and its work force with standards.
It gives you an insight on how elite people are working, they way and standard of working and the ethics they are using in their work culture. I liked the chapters on team bonding, how team leaders are keeping the moral and motivation of the team members as high, what are the simple tools they are using, how they are analyzing a problem and structuring, their way of doing work , how they are grooming their juniors,what mentors are doing, how to build a team.

Its a worth to read and think.


  1. Hi Abeish
    Great article.
    Hope you are doing fine.
    I got a job in Chennai and would be visiting you in July. Sorry for not contacting earlier.
    Are you still with Maarga?

  2. Hi Sachin, Nice to hear from you. Yes, I am still with Maarga