Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rich vs Real Rich

Last week , I was on my usual way to office from LIC to Saidapet. From some bus stop an old man also boarded the bus. While taking ticket he was on shortage of some one or two rupees. he had only some 100 rupees with him and the conductor is not ready to give a change. The conductor start shouting and asked him to get down at the next stop. The old man was really looking worried. He stared at others and got ready to get down at the next bus stop. One old man, from his dress it seems he is a poor guy, wearing a cotton shirt and a dhoti(kayli), came forward and offered to give the change to complete the ticket cost.

I don't know how others felt, I felt too ashamed of the situation. Almost 98%of the commuters in the bus (including me) were office-goers wearing brand look and feel, have purse full with money in the form of fifty and hundred rupees. But what is the use? They are not enough rich to help a poor guy with two rupees.

There is no point in saying that I am earning this much and that much, but really you have to earn something good thing in your heart.

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