Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Practical Wisdom

This incident happened around one year ago. It was a rainy day.I was on my usual way to office from LIC to Saidapet. The bus was too crowded. But the seats were empty because all the seats were wet because of the rain. Every one was desperate to sit, all will come near to the seat, check the seat and on seeing it is wet , will prefer to stand on board.

At one point one old man boarded the bus, he took his ticket and same like everybody; on seeing some empty seats came near to the seat, on seeing it is wet he stopped a moment, immediately he took out his shawl(which he had his shoulder) wrapped it , made a small cushion and sit above on it.
We all stabd there like fools.

I was by the practical wisdom , that old man showed at that time. Yes, practical wisdom will accumulate only thru ages and experiences.

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